For our tech-savvy customers, Infinity Title Agency offers web-based title ordering and document posting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a personalized logon, immediate web access is available to review the status of pending orders, view, print, and download PDF documents such as title commitments, judgment searches, lien searches, wiring instructions etc. for each file.

Fully searchable fields help the user search by name, address, municipality, and county when file numbers are unavailable. New orders placed through the secure interface are transmitted immediately to the order entry department for fast processing.

Paper order forms are available for those who prefer not to order online and our order entry and processing departments are always available to accept orders via telefile-pdf-o, email, or fax.

Infinity Title Agency offers a learned and capable examining and processing staff boasting quick turnaround time on title examinations, email delivery of title commitments, and electronic processing of files. Preliminary HUD-1 and other closing documents are generated, circulated, and reviewed prior to closing to ensure a smooth transition from processing to closing, where the focus is closing, not clearing title issues.

Our knowledgeable and highly experienced closing staff is equipped to close in and out of office, connecting remotely from state-of-the art file-pdf-os with Bluetooth supported printers capable of pumping out 400 pages on a single battery charge. Our closers can log in to our web-based production system not only from their file-pdf-os, but from any workstation in any office with an internet connection.

No signal? No problem. Fully downloaded HUD-1 data allows our staff to close in most remote of locations without any internet connection at all. The data is uploaded back to our system once connection is restored!

With the advent of electronic recording, policy turnaround and risk have been reduced from months to days. Infinity Title Agency electronically records documents in all counties supporting e-recording. Plus, all essential closing paperwork is scanned and archived for instant post-closing access, review, emailing, and printing. These documents are made available to our users with web login as well.